Small Kitchen Cabinet: How to Choose, Organize Models

The time to choose the small kitchen cupboard can seem challenging to many people because you need to choose models of furniture that are functional, beautiful and that will handle storing all the pots, dinner sets, cutlery, and many other kitchen utensils. kitchen. However, nowadays it is already possible to find small kitchen cabinet models that are sure to fit well in your environment and meet all your needs.

But to help you choose the ideal small kitchen cabinet for your home and for your needs we have separated a series of practical tips below. Check out!

Small Kitchen Cabinet

How to choose a small kitchen cabinet

Whenever we decorate a compact kitchen we need to think of small kitchen cabinet models that are functional to optimize the little space available in the environment and still maintain a beautiful and personalized decoration.

But it is important for us to say that it is not that difficult to choose the small kitchen cabinet ideal for your environment, for this follow the tips below that you will surely find the ideal cabinet. 

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Take measurements of the environment

The first thing you should do before buying the small kitchen cabinet is to measure the entire environment, as this will make it easier when buying the furniture that will really fit in your compact kitchen, especially if you are going to invest in models of modulated kitchen cabinet.

Keep your needs in mind

It is important that the small kitchen cupboard meets all your storage capacity needs, because of that, before buying the small kitchen cupboard check the number of pots, the number of kitchen utensils, the size of appliances, and other items you need to keep in the closet. 

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Decor is also important

When we think of a small kitchen cupboard, we should not only take into account the practicality of the furniture, as it is also important that the kitchen decoration is beautiful and pleasant so that the house becomes more welcoming.

Therefore, define a style of decoration before buying the small kitchen cabinet, as this will facilitate the choice of colors and finish of the furniture. But a very important tip is always to evaluate the hypothesis of using cabinet models in lighter colors like white and beige for small kitchens, as this will help in the feeling of spaciousness of the space, but if you choose small kitchen cabinet models in darker colors remember to invest in good lighting design so space doesn't get visually smaller. 

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Use vertical space

Decorating small rooms always seems a challenge, but knowing how to use vertical space is essential to make the best use of the space, so be sure to use shelves, niches, and of course the small kitchen wall cabinet.

The small wall-mounted kitchen cabinet can be found in both large versions with 3 or 4 doors, when models of a more compact small-wall kitchen cabinet, so see what best fits your environment. And if you want to make your kitchen even more welcoming, a nice tip is to invest in built-in lighting below the small wall-mounted kitchen cabinet, you can be sure that your environment will look amazing.

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Knew how to enjoy the corners

Another point that will make all the difference in your small kitchen is knowing how to make good use of the corners of the environment, so a good small corner kitchen cabinet cannot be left out either. 

The small corner kitchen cabinet is an interesting piece of furniture because it will fit into that corner that you did not know how to use previously, and the small corner kitchen cabinet is essential for the L-shaped kitchen and for those who want more functionality in that space.

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Invest in planned furniture

A small planned kitchen cabinet may have a much higher value than a modulated kitchen cabinet, for example, but it will offer so many advantages that you will definitely want this small kitchen cabinet model in your home.

The planned small kitchen cabinet is an extremely functional piece of furniture, as it is made according to the exact space measures of your environment, in addition, the planned small kitchen cabinet also contributes to a better-organized environment, after all your internal partitions will be according to your storage space needs. 

Finally, we must remember that the planned small kitchen cabinet may also have a design and personalized finish according to your taste and style of decoration, which guarantees a much more beautiful and well-decorated kitchen. 

Invest in planned furniture

How to organize small kitchen cabinet

Do you know how to organize a small kitchen cabinet? Well, for a beautiful and well-tidy kitchen it is essential to know how to organize a small kitchen cabinet, and of course, to help you we have listed below tips on how to organize a small kitchen cabinet. So check everything and get your kitchen in order. 

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Do a screening

The first thing you need to do to organize a small kitchen cupboard is to sort everything you have and use and everything you have and don't use. Then you can separate the items you no longer use to donate or even throw them away.

Separate by categories

After sorting, you should separate items by categories and group them to make it easier to store everything in the cabinets.

Sanitize the cabinets

Before starting to store all items in the closet, it is very important to clean them. For this, you can use a cloth moistened with water and mild soap and then wipe with a dry cloth.

Special utensils and crockery

We all have at home those utensils, cutlery, crockery, glasses, and bowls that we use infrequently, only on special occasions, and because of this, they do not need to be kept in an easily accessible place. Then set aside the highest, deepest part of the small wall-mounted kitchen cabinet to store them.

Frequently used utensils

While crockery and special utensils can be stored in a place that is more difficult to access, crockery and utensils in frequent use should be kept in an easily accessible place for greater practicality in everyday life.

Invest in organizers

As you know it is necessary to know how to make the most of the small kitchen cupboard so that you get a greater storage capacity and for that, nothing better than investing in organizers inside the cupboards that can create even more partitions inside the furniture and help to separate smaller elements such as lids, plastic pots and more.

Separate by categories

Organize plastic pots

Many people complain that plastic pots and lids always end up getting lost inside the small kitchen cupboard. Here the tip is to fit the pots inside each other for better space optimization, but always placing all the lids above. You can be sure that you will never again have problems with parts disappearing into the cabinets. 

Tidying up the drawers

It is important to have at least two drawers in the small kitchen cabinet, one should be used to store larger kitchen utensils such as rice spoon, ladle, skimmer, meat hammer among others, while the second drawer should be used to place that smaller cutlery of daily use like tablespoon and coffee, forks and knives. And always remember to use organizers to store the cutlery, otherwise, your drawer will always be messy.

Drawers for dish towels

If you have an extra drawer in your small kitchen cabinet it is very interesting to use it for holding dish towels, kitchen gloves, and placemats, so you will have everything you need at hand.

Place labels on the grocery jars

One way to keep your small kitchen cupboard well organized is to take groceries such as rice, beans, wheat, and more from inside the packages and place them in labeled pots, so you can easily find what you need and will have a beautiful and well-organized closet.

Place labels on the grocery jars

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