Discover the Different Types of Wall Niche for House Decoration

If you are looking for a creative piece that, in addition to complementing your style and personality, will also be responsible for helping you organize the room, then you should bet on the numerous wall niche models available on the market.

Wall Niche

What is a wall niche?

The wall niche is an extremely decorative, democratic, and versatile piece. This is because the wall niche in addition to talking with different styles of home decoration it can take on several functions in the same space. In the environment, the wall niche can be used to enlarge or delimit rooms, organize books, CDs, and DVDs, serve as support for decorative objects such as vases, sculptures, and picture frames.

What is a wall niche

How to use the different types of wall niche in decoration

There is a multitude of niche wall models with different shapes, sizes, colors, finishes, and materials on the market. For this reason, before purchasing the wall niche for the living room, bedroom, bathroom, or even balcony, for example, it is necessary to take into account at least three factors:

Use a tape measure and write down the measurements of the environment so that the wall niche fits perfectly in your project;

Assess the style of decoration of your room so that the chosen wall niche harmonizes with the rest of the space, however, if the doubt persists choose the black wall niche models;

Define the function that the wall niche will play in your room.

The wall niche for books, for example, usually has a more rectangular shape, since its structure is used specifically to support almanacs, encyclopedias, and magazines.

The round wall niche, despite having more restrictions on use due to its circular shape, its structure ends up being used a lot in the decorative design of a baby's room, serving as a support for stuffed animals.

types of wall niche in decoration

Now, if the idea is to innovate in the decoration of spaces, the tip is to invest in the hexagonal wall niche, also known as the beehive niche. On balconies, for example, it is very common to find wall niche models for plants in a hexagonal format.

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