3D Bathroom Tiles: Best Models to Decorate

Bathrooms and lavatories, despite being little frequented spaces inside the house, also deserve our attention and affection during the decoration stages. So, if you are going to build or renovate and are looking for a different wall finish for these rooms, the 3D bathroom tile can certainly help you in this mission.

So, if you, like us, are also curious to know up close the advantages and the different models of 3D bathroom tiles available on the market, come with us. In this post, we at the home decore have separated decoration tips and countless beautiful projects for you to be inspired. Check out!

3D Bathroom Tiles

3D bathroom tile: Bring elegance and movement to the decor 

The 3D bathroom tile is on the rise and can complement your space with style and personality. However, due to the variety of models that can be found on the market, before making the purchase of your 3D wall covering it is necessary to take into account some information.

First, define on which bathroom wall or toilet the 3D coating will be installed. With the defined location, use a measuring tape or tape and write down all the measurements of the space that will be filled with the 3D coating.

3D bathroom tile brings movement to the decor

With the measurements in hand, assess the style of bathroom decor so that the chosen 3D tile connects with the rest of the space. In this step, the choice of material that will make up the 3D coating structure must be chosen with caution as well, after all, we are dealing with a wet environment, right? Therefore, the 3D coating model for the bathroom must be resistant to moisture.

Finally, with the dimensions of the wall and the 3D coating, try to carefully calculate the number of plates needed to fill the desired space, avoiding waste and even the lack of construction material to finish the work. It is also worth mentioning that the 3D coating can fill the entire wall of the room or only parts of the environment, as in the example below.

3D bathroom tile forms a beautiful design on the wall

Why invest in 3D bathroom flooring?

Versatile, modern, and elegant, the 3D coating adds value to the decorate your home of the environment and creates a new perception of space through its designs and geometric shapes. Its structure gives creativity and movement, making it a great option for those who want to give a UP in the bathroom or washroom decoration, be it small or large.

How to hit the 3D tile model for a small bathroom?

Bathrooms and lavatories are usually smaller than in other rooms in the houseTherefore, if you are looking for a 3D tile for a small bathroom, the tip is to invest in models that present images or geometric shapes with a smaller design.

That's because the 3D coating alone draws a lot of attention in the decoration of the space and if you choose the more robust and larger 3D coating versions your room may be suffocated with the excess of information.

3D tile model for small bathroom

The lighting should also be taken into account, as points of light in the environment create an elegant and modern effect on the wall with a 3D coating. Therefore, it is no wonder that the wall where the bathroom cabinet is installed is one of the public's favorite places to install this type of coating. 

3D bathroom cladding and the built-in lighting bring charm to the room

Discover the different types of 3D bathroom tile

There is a multitude of 3D bathroom tile models with different sizes, shapes, colors, and materials. Therefore, it is necessary to be aware of the specific characteristics of each product so that the chosen 3D bathroom tile meets your needs and connects with the decoration of the space. 

Thinking about it, to assist you in this purchase step, we separated below some models of 3D coating for bathrooms that can be part of your environment.

3D plaster coating

3D plasterboard tiles are the most cost-effective and are the most common to be found. These boards, in addition to having a light structure, can be purchased ready-made or made to measure using molds, which guarantees an even more personalized and stylish wall. 

3D plaster coating

3D PVC coating 

The 3D PVC coating for presenting a plastic structure is resistant to water and does not propagate mold, making it an excellent product option for wet areas such as bathrooms and toilets. It is also worth mentioning that its white finish does not even require the use of a paint roller or paint gun to give the final finish.

3D PVC coating

3D cementitious coating

The 3D cementitious cladding plates are the most resistant to the market. After all, its structure is made from concrete blocks capable of reproducing incredible designs, textures, and geometric shapes.

3D cementitious coating

3D adhesive bathroom tile

The 3D adhesive bathroom tile is similar to wallpaperSimple, versatile, and easy to install this is the perfect model for those who do not want to carry out major renovations to change the look of the bathroom or toilet.

In online stores and departments, you can find 3D adhesive bathroom tile with beautiful geometric designs and shapes that bring the feeling of a three-dimensional wall with movement. In the space below, the tone of the 3D coating harmonizes with the golden frame of the painting.

3D adhesive bathroom tile

So, did you like the tips on the 3D bathroom tile? So, check now our photo gallery below and get inspired by some more beautiful projects that have the presence of this type of coating.

Check out 3D flooring models for the bathroom

3D bathroom tile with built-in lighting transforms this space

The shapes of the 3D bathroom tile bring movement to the space

The black 3D bathroom tile

3D bathroom tile attract attention

3D bathroom tile with small shapes are ideal for compact environments

3D bathroom cladding model brings movement to the space

The colors of the 3D bathroom tile bring joy to the space

3D bathroom cladding model

3D bathroom tile in triangular shape

3D bathroom tile adds sophistication to the space

The noble finish of the 3D bathroom tile

3D bathroom coating brought a special finish to the box

3D white bathroom tile

3D bathroom tile will be installed

3D bathroom tile adds a retro touch

3D bathroom tile stand out in the decoration

3D bathroom tile highlights the presence of the black sculpted tub

3D bathroom tile may have a wood finish

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