Easy Crafts: Best Useful Ideas and Tips

Do you need to be distracted? So following easy and useful craft tutorials is an excellent way to spend time having fun with the family or just making decorative items for the home at super affordable prices.

But do not think that here we will mention handicrafts that require greater agility, such as sewing and embroidery. The idea is to present crafts that are easy to make with household items, such as a hot glue gun, ink, paper, and scissors. 

Then check out our easy craft ideas and start creating! Look! 

Easy Crafts

How to Make Easy Crafts: Bill of Materials 

As we mentioned, to start following the ideas on how to make easy crafts, you can buy cheap materials at home. Below, we list some options, but you can add or remove some depending on the easy crafts you are making. Look!

Hot glue pistol;

White glue;

Scissors or stylus;

Assorted fabrics;



Brushes ;

Easy Craft Ideas

Everything you have around you can become art - even ice cream sticks! In fact, starting to make easy and beautiful crafts is a great way to recycle items such as cardboard boxes, rolls of toilet paper, glass bottles, and plastic pots. You can use your creativity! 

Easy crafts with blue glass pot

To help you, here are easy and useful craft ideas that you can make yourself decorate the four corners of your home. check out! 

Easy cork crafts 

Whoever drinks a lot of wine and likes to keep the corks as a souvenir, can take the opportunity to create beautiful pieces.

You can create anything with the wine cork. You don't even need to paint in a different color, because the corks already have a different look that makes the decorative piece even more beautiful. So basically you will only use hot glue and scissors (if you need to cut). 

Easy crafts with wine stoppers

You can make easy and useful crafts such as decorative paintings, scrapbooks, and cutlery holders.

Easy crafts to paste notes and photos

Easy crafts with bottles and glass jars

The same bottle of wine that you removed the cork can serve as a beautiful home decoration for your home or even decorate simple birthday parties, as the bottles work very well as potted plants and flowers.  

There are two ways to paint glass bottles: the first is from the outside, using spray paint. As you can see in the photo below, the bottle has markings, which were made with masking tape. Just cover the part you don't want to paint and paint the rest. When it dries, just remove the tape and the bottles will look like this. Simple, right?

Easy crafts to decorate the modern house

The other way is to pour the colored ink into the bottle. In this way, you can maintain the brightness of the glass, as if you had bought the bottle of that same color. 

This is one of the easiest crafts to make step by step simpler. Put a good amount of ink in the bottle and rotate it to spread the ink on the ends. Then, just leave the bottle upside down to remove the excess.

Easy crafts with paint in the bottle at home

Easy crafts with toilet paper roll 

The rolls of toilet paper are also great for making easy and beautiful crafts, you can be very creative! 

As you can see in the photo below, one of the easy and beautiful crafts you can do with the roll of toilet paper is a pencil holder and pens to leave on your office desk or on the children's deskYou can paint each one with colored paint to make it more cheerful.

Easy and useful handicrafts for everyday life

However, if you want a more beautiful decorative item to use at home, you can cut the rolls and fold them, to make it look like a flower petal. Just glue one side to the other by the ends and go forming a design as you like best.

In the example below, the curlers were painted black to frame the mirrorIt was simple and beautiful, right? Certainly, one of the easy crafts to make that has no mistake!

easy crafts to do with toilet paper roll

Easy crafts with paper

It can be cardboard, tissue paper, or even colored sulfite ... whatever you have at home. Paper is a material that works for all types of DIY craftsAnyone can make easy crafts. 

With paper, you can make flowers to use in vases, to decorate the wall, create beautiful paintings, or to make a beautiful curtain in the children's room.

If you want to make artificial flowers, use tissue paper, which makes the flower even more beautiful. But, if the idea is to make butterflies and hearts, it is worthwhile to print a butterfly design on the internet and then cut it out to paste it into a  painting or other decorative objects in the house.

Decoration with colorful tissue paper flowers

Easy crafts with pet bottle 

If you are looking for do-it-yourself crafts, surely you have seen the easy crafts out there with pet bottles. 

The best way to use the pet bottle in do-it-yourself crafts is to make beautiful potted plants and artificial flowers to use at home. You can even plant a little garden with them. 

It is simple to make this type of craft easy and useful, you just need to cut the bottle and paint with the colors and details you like best. Many take the opportunity to paint beautiful pets.

Easy crafts with pet bottle

Easy crafts with a preacher 

Yes, preachers are great for starting crafts that are easy to make step by step. You can take the broken ones, paint and glue them next to each other to form a rest for pans and other kitchen utensils

Easy crafts with a kitchen preacher

And if you want a practical and functional idea for the everyday life of how to make easy crafts, you can paint the top of the preacher and stick a magnet on the other side, so it becomes a great message preacher on the fridge

Easy crafts to do for your home

Easy crafts with felt and EVA

Felt and EVA are also inexpensive for easy crafts to make step by step. You can do numerous practical things in everyday life.

Easy crafts with felt

Easy crafts with ice cream stick 

We couldn't finish this post full of ideas on how to make easy crafts without mentioning the ice cream stick. Usually, children do activities at school with this type of material and for this reason, many think that not as much as making a beautiful home decoration with them. 

You can make a nice honeycomb niche, for example. If you want to use colored paint in your niche, it also matches your decor.

Easy crafts to do to decorate your home

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