See how to choose the best bathroom cabinet with tub

When buying furniture for your bathroom, in addition to considering beauty, it is important to think about the practicality of each element. To make it easier, the ideal is to buy a bathroom cabinet with a tub and mirror to get the measurements right and ensure a harmonious environment.

To help you choose the ideal bathroom cabinet model, check out the main options below, and buy the ideal one for your bathroom! 

Bathroom cabinet with round tub

Bathroom cabinet with built-in washbasin

A simple and economical model to buy is the bathroom cabinet with a built-in tub. As it is sold complete, it is not necessary to buy the tanks or the bathroom sink, as they are sold together. The only detail you will need to buy separately will be the modern mirror. 

If you need more space to store hygiene and beauty items, install shelves and niches on the walls. Add some decorative elements to them to make the place well organized and beautiful! 

Tip: Pay attention to the size of your bathroom cabinet with a tub to make the right choice. The model cannot be too small or too big. Generally, stores sell the bathroom cabinet model with a 60 cm tub, but always measure the location to be sure of the measurements. 

Planned bathroom cabinet

The planned bathroom cabinet is the ideal option for those who need to optimize space. Despite being more expensive than other furniture, it is a way to guarantee the exact measurements of your bathroom. 

In addition to investing in the planned bathroom cabinet, you will need to buy (or have it made) a sink and a beautiful tub matching the furniture. For a modern bathroom, it is worth buying an overlay tub in different formats, but if the idea is to invest in the classic, the sculpted sink may be the best option to match your bathroom cabinet with the tub. 

Another important element to make your bathroom cabinet with a tub even more complete is the mirror. Buy a mirror in the same style as the other furniture to make the place even more beautiful. 

Bathroom cabinet with tub and round mirror

Bathroom cabinet with bowl and mirror

For those looking for economical and practical furniture, it is worth buying the bathroom cabinet with sink, tub, and mirror. A complete model! 

The advantage of buying the bathroom cabinet with a full tub is that you have a set combining all the details for a low and super practical price. 

And don't worry about the look of the bathroom cabinets, because there are models for all tastes: from the most classic, to the most colorful and differentiated, such as the bathroom cabinet with a square tub. There's no mistake! 

Bathroom cabinet with built-in tub

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