Floating Bed: What It Is, How to Do it and Ideas to Get Inspired

Have you ever heard of the floating bed? This modern model is made with a resistant structure that creates the illusion that the bed is "floating" in the room. Some models have led light, a built-in nightstand, and details that make all the difference in home decoration.

For you to know more about floating bed designs, check out our tips, and learn a step by step floating bed how to do it easily. Look!

Floating Bed

Floating bed with led

The floating bed with led is also a way to decorate the room with style. When assembling your structure, install the lights below the entire floating bed with led. 

It is possible to put colored lights to make the room even more beautiful and personalized, so when choosing the colors of your lighting, look for shades that match the style of your room's decor. In the example below, as the room had a space theme, white light was the best choice!

Floating bed with led

Floating beds how to make 

You can have a cabinetmaker make the floating beds or you can follow a complete step-by-step process of floating beds yourself.

Check out the step by step on how to make a modern floating bed:

  1. Make the bed frame the size of your bed;
  2. Instead of placing the feet of the bed, make a structure to leave in the center. This is what guarantees the floating effect.
  3. Finish the floating bed considering that the bedding cannot cover the effect;
  4. Now just install the bed lighting to make it even more beautiful.
  5. Then just add the soft mattresses with beautiful sheets and your room will be beautiful and well decorated!
Floating beds how to make

Room with floating double bed 

The floating double bed is excellent to emphasize the modernity of the environment. However, for this to happen, it is important to think about other bedroom furniture: such as the headboard, pictures, and lamps.

The headboard can be made next to your floating double bed so that the nightstand, for example, also floats together with the bed. Then, just decorate the room with decorative objects of your choice.

Tip: Place rugs under the bed, this further highlights the floating effect!

Floating double bed

In the case of the single room, if your space is reduced, bet on the floating single bed. It will be more difficult to hide the structure of your floating single bed, but the result is perfect to leave the environment minimalist and well decorated.

Room with suspended bed 

Did you like the floating bed designs? Then another model that you can make to decorate your room with even more style is the suspended bed. 

Unlike the floating bed, which has a structure underneath to support the mattress, the suspended bed model hangs from the bedroom ceilingHowever, to have a room with a suspended bed, it is necessary that the environment has a right foot of at least 2.70m, otherwise, the place maybe with a “flat” appearance. 

The interesting thing is that you can decorate the environment with different types of materials to make a room with a suspended bed: ropes, wood, chains ... The important thing is that it is a resistant structure.

Room with suspended bed

Check out more floating bed designs to get inspired

Floating double bed

Planned room with floating bed

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Floating single bed

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Floating single bed

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Modern room with suspended bed

Floating bed with led and modern wallpaper

floating led bed for modern decor

White floating bed with orange sheet

Floating bed with led and blue headboard

Bet on the modernity of the floating bed with led

Rope suspended bed in rustic decor

Floating bed in the modern bedroom

Another way to make the floating bed is with the suspended bed

Floating bed in the modern bedroom in neutral tones

Rustic room with floating bed

Gray floating bed

Round floating bed

Floating bed with a suspended part

Suspended bed with ropes for a couple

Suspended bed with wooden headboard

Floating bed in the minimalist room

Female room with a floating bed

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