Photo Frame: Best Creative Ideas to Decorate Your Home in Style

There are several ways to include photo frames in the decoration of the environment and most of it can be done creatively by yourself. After all, more than recording the best moments of life is being able to share them, as well as leaving them in plain view so that they can be remembered.

Thinking about it, we separated this post for you that you want to include in your photo frame decoration, but you still have doubts about how to do it. Check out some tips now and make your environment more intimate and personalized.

photo frames complement the living room decor

How to make a photo frame

But after all, how to make a photo frame? Know that photo montage is simple, but before you go around putting nails on the walls it is important that you take into consideration which pictures of frames you intend to share, whether they are intimate or familiar.

To facilitate the do-it-yourself photo frame assembly step, we have separated some tips that can assist you in arranging pictures of frames in the home decorAfter all, it is important that the photo frames remain in harmony with the other items of decoration in the house, such as sofaarmchairs, and dressers.

Photo frame composes the decoration of the living room

Before arranging the pictures of frames it is important that you select which images will be used and, based on those images so defined if you want to place them in a more reserved or more visible environment inside the house. In the image below, two incredible photo frames were chosen to compose the decoration of the dining roomThe position of the photo frames above the sideboard and next to the dining table brought harmony to the decor.

Large photo frame for decorating the dining room

More intimate photo frame

This case is suitable for people who want to create a more particular painting mural. Therefore, the most advisable here is to include the photo frame in the rooms.

You can use normal picture frames for wall, or even make use of picture frames on your dresser, it will look beautiful!

Photo frame for decorating

Photo frame with family

If you want to highlight your family, the idea is to include the photo frame set up in environments such as the living room, small bedroom, and dining room.

Sequential photo frame

If you want to focus on growing your children, developing your relationship, or highlighting a sequence of photos taken in unusual places, bet on places like the baby room, children's room, the double room, the living room, or the living room. dinner.

Sequential photo frame

Now, that you already know how to make a photo frame, you should pay attention to the size of the wall to which the photos will be inserted and also if it no longer has other decorative objects such as mirrors, wallpaper, or even potted plants for a vertical garden...

Photo frame for wall

As already mentioned, the photo frame shows personality to the environment and can be displayed both in prominent places and in more reserved places in the decoration.

Therefore, before paying attention to the choice of the frame, it is important to first define the size of the wall that will be used so that it is possible to define the size of the frame.

So, here's the tip! If the wall is large, bet on larger frames and include other decorative elements on the wall such as MDF letters or stickers.

Photo frame with MDF letter

However, if the wall is small, try to expose a small number of photo frames with reduced sizes. The tip here is, do not sin with excessive information and make the most of the spaces, including the hallways of the house.

Insert photo frame in lost corners in the house

Photo frame frames

Now yes! Once you have defined the location where the photo frame will be inserted, either on a large wall or on a small wall, it is time to choose the frame.

Therefore, for those who have a large space and want to make a photo frame composition on the wall, it is necessary to pay attention to some items such as height, proportions, and formats of the photo frame.

Photo frame frames

In addition, so that the selected space remains harmonious and the photo frame frames become more appropriate to the environment, try to invest in the similarity of the photos, whether due to the color, size, and style they present.

Composition of black photo frame frames

Photo frame: inspirations to decorate your home in style

Bet on a photo frame in the stairway environment

Each corner very well used with a photo frame

photo frame with white frame for living room

photo frame in the single room

Decoration of a double room with a photo frame

photo frame for the wall

Merge frames in black and white colors

photo frame with wall stickers

Bet on a photo frame with wall stickers

Pallet used as a support for photo frames

Pallets as a support for the photo frame

Brick wall and photo frame for decorating the room

Place countless images in a giant photo frame

photo frame on a bench in the living room

Place the photo frame on a shelf

Channel-type shelf to support the photo frame

Photo frame composes the decoration of the home office

Photo frame to compose the decoration

Photo frame for the wall makes up the decoration

Photo frame depicts the child's development

Photo frame above the double bed

Photo frame at the foot of the stairs

Wedding photo frame

Photo frame with white frame for room decoration

Photo frame with black frame

Photo frame composes the decoration of the living room

Photo frame composing the letter LOVE

Family photo frame with the same frame

Photo frame arranged on a shelf

Photo frame for the double bedroom

Photo frame for the wall composing the decoration

Photo frame depicts family moments

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