Window's Bed: 30+ Comfortable Models To Decor Your Room

The window's bed was gradually gaining more and more space in the decoration of the bedrooms, making it a great alternative for those who seek more coziness during sleep without losing so much space in the bedroomSo, whether it's a single or a double bedroom, the window's bed can become the perfect piece of furniture to complement the room's decor.

With that in mind, if you want to learn more about the features and benefits of investing in a window's bed, you've come to the right place. In this post, we at the home decor have separated decoration tips and countless projects that include the window's bed. Check it out and get inspired!

Widow's Bed

But, after all, what is a window's bed?

The window's bed is an intermediate version between the single bed and the double bed. On the market, window's bed models can be found in MDF, solid wood, reforestation wood, or iron with more sinuous and delicate shapes.

The wooden window's bed, for example, can be made from trees such as mahogany, tobacco, walnut, cherry, ipe, and teak. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the origin of the raw material and the certifications that validate the origin and sustainable removal of wood, ok?

what is a widow's bed

How big is the window's bed?

For those who don't know, the window's bed size knows that it usually varies between 1.88 m or 2.00 m in length by 1.20 m or 1.28 m in width. For this reason, it is necessary to be attentive as to the window's bed measures the room so that the piece fits perfectly in the project. Try to use a tape measure or measuring tape to remove the measured window's bed from the environment and thus avoid installation errors.

Window's bed for a single room and double room

In the single room and small bedroom decor ideas gives even more comfort to residents who have more space at bedtime. In the bedroom below, the wallpaper with wave design, the picture centered above the blue headboard with images of surfboards, and the window's bed full of pillows, colored cushions highlight the surf concept in the decor.

Widow's bed for single room and double room

Double rooms with reduced spaces also benefit from the presence of the small bedroomAfter all, its structure fits perfectly in many small projects. In the bedroom below, to further improve the circulation of people around the room, the window's bed was pressed against the wall. The pendant lighting positioned above the bed brought a charm to the decor.

double room widow's bed

Discover the different models of the window's bed

In the market, it is possible to find different models of window's bed. And when it comes to organizing the bedroom, some models certainly end up standing out for their versatile and functional structure, which are: the window's box bed and the window's bed with a chest. Find out below the benefits that each of these window's beds can bring to the room.

Widow box bed

The window's box bed has become the darling of many modern and minimalist decorations. That's because its finish can be found in different materials and colors that facilitate the connection in the decoration of the space.

Widow box bed

Window's bed with chest

If the boxed window's bed already brings countless benefits for the decoration and organization of the dorm, do you imagine including in your environment a window's bed with the internal and external chest? Wonderful isn't it! After all, it is always important to have a space inside the room to store bedding, bath and table, books, and other accessories. Its structure can even be used as a shoe rack, helping to order shoes.

Widow's bed with chest

Wooden window beds

Among the models on the market, we can highlight wooden widow beds. After all, it is difficult not to fall in love with the timeless, resistant, and organic structure that wood provides to the environment. In addition, its neutral tone easily connects with the rest of the bedroom furniture and decorative items.

In the bedroom below, the window's bed finished in wood even with the absence of the headboard provides comfort and warmth to users, accommodating the mattress, pillows, and beddingNote that the creative decoration of the room uses logs as a nightstand making space even more personalized and stylish.

Wooden widow beds

Check out 23+ widow bed models to decorate the room

widow bed models

widow's bed

Widow's bed for single room

different models of widow's bed

Widow's bed for double room

Widow box bed

best widow's bed

Clean decor and widow single bed for bedroom

In the small double room try to accommodate a widow's bed

middle of the widow's bed brings charm to the decoration

Double room with boxed widow's bed

Well-lit double room with a widow's bed

Shared room with two single widow beds

The widow single bed for the bedroom

double bedroom inspiration, this widow's bed is a great

Model of widow's bed with chest

Double room with wooden floor and boxed widow's bed

High windows to reinforce the lighting over the widow's bed

Natural lighting enhances the presence of the widow's bed in the room

widow's bed to brighten up the atmosphere

Modern decoration with burnt cement wall and boxed widow's bed

widow's bed brings elegance to the bedroom

Widow's bed headboard model made of wood

The black widow's bed set brings sophistication to the bedroom

Model of widow's bed with iron structure

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