10 Best Antique Drafting Tables 2021. Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

 10 Best Antique Drafting Tables 2021

Types of antique drafting tables design have many uses, drafting board is used by architects, engineers, cartoonists illustrators, and other artists. They are designed to easily fit in a perpendicular plane to the ground. The Prices of drafting board range from equipment at best prices, to thousands of dollars. Drawing boards are useful in home decor and office, whether used for drawing or used as a large desk.

The size of an antique drafting table that meets your needs depends on the size of paper or material you use. Choose the larger paper that you occupy to make it easy and comfortable to use drawing board. Note that the large table is better if you will use it for a long time and if the room where you will place has enough space to put it together with a seat.

1. Cast Iron Base Antique Drafting Tables

Antique Drafting Tables
This antique drafting table is fully functional. The features a cast iron base attached to the original wooden top. The top of bears wears is appropriate for the age of the piece. The base is in excellent condition.

2. Turn Of The Century Fully Restored Drafting Desk

Turn Of The Century Fully Restored Drafting Desk
This table has been restored by hand in the Industrial Artifacts shop. First, we removed the wooden top and treated it to full planing, sanding, and refinishing. While the stain dried, we disassembled the original cast iron base and meticulously wire brushed each piece then clear-coated it to prevent rust or deterioration for years to come. Now rejoined together. This is fully adjustable table rolls along on three caster wheels. It can be easily set to display vertically, horizontally flat, or at nearly any angle.

3. Vintage Drafting Table

Antique Drafting Tables
These antique drafting tables easy to restored by hand in our shop and put back together for years of extended use and workmanship. The cast base has been part of wire-brushed in our shop, and the wood top has been sanded to bring it back to its most original condition. This table originally had a swing arm, but only the amount of the swingarm remains. The second piece of the would need to be found and added. This table can be laid flat or adjusted to display at an angle.

This table has been overall dimensions of 50" x 42" x 40.25" as photographed. The surface can be adjusted up and down.

4. Antique Drafting Tables With Floating Lamp And Drafting Machine

Antique Bruning Drafting Table With Floating Lamp And Drafting Machine
A vintage drafting table is complete with an attached floating lamp as well as the Bruning drafting machine arm, allowing for precise measurement just within arm's reach. The features of table two pull-out drawers on the front as well as a side drawer on the right-hand side. This sturdy table has been stripped of its padded top, and most of the adhesive has been removed.

Our shop has not to be restored this table, and it is being sold as-is. The lamp has not been rewired but could be quite easily by the end-user.

These Antique tables have overall dimensions measuring 84" x 44". The table surface sits is at 40" in height when flat. The base Is dimensions measuring 58" x 30" x 30".

5. Antique Cast Iron Butcher Block Table

Antique Drafting Tables
This massive butcher block table features are industrial legs from the historic South Bend Lathe Company of South Bend, IN - a pioneer in American woodworking during the 20th century. The legs have been wire of brushed and finished to prevent deterioration. The top boasts a lacquer finish that can hold up to a year after year of wear. The nameplates and makers of this table mark can be seen on the legs.

This table has overall measurements of 64.25" x 34.25" x 29.25". The butcher block is 3" thick.

6. Antique Crank Base Dining & Conference Table

Antique Crank Base Dining & Conference Table
This industrial table has been constructed in an Industrial Artifacts shop by refurbishing an antique crank base with a solid butcher block top. This base has been sandblasted and cleaned completely of any dirt, while the top has been treated with a strong coat of finish over the top to protect it for decades to come. The true one-of-a-kind piece measures 33"H at maximum and 23"H at minimum. The butcher's block measures 36" x 84".

7. Swing Stool Dining Table

Antique Drafting Table
This swing stool are dining table features a solid cast iron base and four swing arms. This tabletop is a 1.75" thick maple butcher block, prepared and lacquered in our woodshop. The stool tops of sturdy pine, also stained and lacquered by the Industrial Artifacts team. The base features slots for additional swing arms. While we do not process more swing arms for this piece - They could be cast by the right metalworker. This table measure is 37"W at the base, 48"L x 30.5"H. The top is 25"W. The stools sit at the 18"H and each has a 15" diameter. One of the swing stools is sitting slightly higher than the others, as seen in the photos. We believe that to be a factor of age - But it does not interfere with the use or look of the piece in any way.

8. Industrial Old Antique Drafting Tables

Restored Antique Industrial Drafting Table
This industrial drafting table has had its top fully restored in our woodshop. This table was manufactured by The Fredrick Post Company of Chicago, Il. who manufactured a wide selection of drafting table instruments from the 1890s onward.

This table is overall dimensions measuring 60" x 38" x 36" and can be adjusted In tilt and then locked in place as shown in the photos. The top has not been lacquered and It suitable for drawing and illustration.

9. 1950 American Industrial Draftsman's Desk

Antique Drafting Table
This drafting desk features a solid cash iron base with an excellent wooden top. The writing surface has been well taken care of and bears little damage or wear. The gears function is wonderful and allows for the desk to be flattened or made vertical.

The desk surface measures 29" x 26". The feet of the base measure approximately 20" x 20".

10. Turn Of The Century Wood And Cast Iron Drafting Table

Turn Of The Century Wood And Cast Iron Drafting Table
This immaculate solid wood drafting desk features cast iron hardware. Reclaimed from an industrial woodworking shop, this table has been thoroughly cleaned and restored. A beautiful, all-original reddish-brown stain covers the legs and writing surface. The drafting surface is cable flipping completely vertical for the display of blueprints or vellum sheets. The desk may also be locked in place.
The top has some wear appropriate for the age of the piece. Pinholes can be found across the surface, likely where vellum was once secured. 
This desk has overall measurements of 68" x 41" and stands at 41.5" in height when laid flat. When vertical, the desk has a height of approximately 61.5".

What are the uses of antique drafting tables?

Just because you own such a table, it doesn’t mean that you have to be an architect or an illustrator. The best part of antique drafting tables is that they add a vintage note to your living space - and you can use them for anything you’d like.

Antique drafting tables have adjustable settings, you can use it as a regular table as well. Place it in a cozy corner in your living room, office and use it as a workstation. Or, you can also add antique books to it and create a mini-library.

What's more, entrepreneurs often buy home decor furniture or small antique drafting tables for coffee shops, and they use them as decoration or as regular tables. Even though it might defy the purpose, it can do wonders for your business as many people love seeing antiques being used on day-to-day occasions.

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